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At BlockSite we are focused on making sure you are set up to have the most productive days whether you’re studying or or at work. It’s been reported thatthe average internet user spends approximately 6.5 hours a day online, which is a lot of time to get great work done, so long as it’s spent on the right websites. However, what if you struggle to stay focused while working and/or studying, and find yourself on time-wasting websites that reduce your productivity?

A recent report stated that on average, we spend 151 minutes a day on social media networks, which judging by our own research – are the ultimate time and focus thieves. Social media networks are also part of the category of most blocked sites on BlockSite.

How do you block such websites? Well, if you want to know how to block a website you can follow our best practices. But in this article, we will be highlighting the most blocked websites across the world that are successfully blocked and avoided by BlockSite customers using, of course, the BlockSite extension and/or app.

How did we choose the top blocked sites?

We’ve done our research and based on feedback provided by our customers, on average 90% of BlockSite customers have 8 websites on their block list. From this, it appears that there are a small number of sites that our users block to remove distractions. By blocking even just this small number of websites, BlockSite’s highly focused customers are able to improve their productivity and increase their focus on a daily basis.

The majority of these sites are social media and adult content sites that are designed to keep you on the platforms for as long as possible. However, our customers reported that by blocking such sites, even temporarily when they really needed to get in the zone, they saved on average 1.2 hours a day! Think about how much more you could get done with all that time saved.

Additionally, BlockSite customers have on average 6 keywords in their block list. Blocking by keyword enables our customers to block thousands of websites that contain a word that often steals their focus. In a few clicks, all websites containing the keyword are removed, and their productivity and focus are back to the more important matters at hand.

BlockSite customers also have on average 3 apps within their block list that they choose to block during the time they need to work and study. Think of the apps you use the most, that when you really think about it, could be beneficial to block for a few hours a day. We’re positive that if you were to add them to your block list, you would notice an immediate improvement in your focus, productivity and use of time.

Now, which blocked websites made it to the list? We’ve made a complete blocked websites list for you to look at and maybe even add them to your block lists.

Here are the top 100 sites by BlockSite customers

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A deeper look into the top 15 blocked websites

  1. YouTube

    The most blocked website on BlockSite is YouTube. The majority of our users seem to block the online video-sharing platform to help keep them focused and stop wasting time online. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a task, getting distracted by a YouTube video, then 3 hours later watching countless videos that add no value to your life? Yep, we thought so because we’ve been there too. Therefore, it’s time to add YouTube to your block list.

    The Most Blocked Websites of 2023 | BlockSite (1)

  2. Instagram

    While it’s always fun to view aspirational pictures and see what your friends have uploaded to their stories on Instagram, it’s not the most productive use of your time. Especially when you need to get tasks done and keep yourself focused. Instagram is the third most blocked website on BlockSite. What are you waiting for? Time to take back control of your time and add it to your block list.

  3. Facebook

    Second on the list is Facebook. The social network platform that has you scrolling and commenting for hours on end when you’re supposed to be working or studying – is one of the ultimate time thieves. It’s nothing new that social media networks are designed to keep us engaged and on their platforms for long periods of time, and as a result account for a lot of the distraction that we encounter on a daily basis. Make sure you add Facebook to your block list today to control your screen time and overcome your social media addiction.

  4. Twitter

    Everyone wants to stay in the know and keep up to date on the latest developments from their favorite news outlets, celebrities and other accounts that interest them; however, Twitter comes in fourth place on our list of most blocked websites due to it often having a negative impact on our productivity. While a tweet may only take a few seconds to read and write, all those tweets add up may take up a considerable amount of the time you have in a given day. Add Twitter to your block list while you’re working to make sure you only use it when you take a break.

  5. Reddit

    We all want to be heard and who doesn’t love a good discussion, but there’s a time and a place to talk and there are times where you need to keep your focus in check. Many of our users have added Reddit to their block list as a way to control how much they use the network. Being involved in communities on the platform based on your interests can often use up too much of your time and take your attention for hours. Set your work mode on BlockSite so that when you take breaks, you can get involved in a topic of your choice.

  6. TikTok

    Recently found yourself participating in the latest TikTok trends? The majority of us have and with the video platform giant only growing and growing, it’s becoming even harder to avoid getting involved. TikTok is the ultimate destination to create mobile videos that capture and present your creativity; however, it might not be the most productive use of your time. As another social media outlet, it’s important to control your usage of this platform to make sure you don’t get lost in the content, instead of improving your time management and productivity.

  7. p*rnhub

    The world’s leading free p*rn site is 7th on the list of BlockSite’s most blocked sites, and for good reason. Many people use BlockSite to help them deal with their addictions, whether it be to adult content, gambling, gaming or anything in between so it comes as no surprise that p*rnHub is on this list. Control your addiction and make sure that you have all the tips and tools to block inappropriate content for children online with BlockSite.

  8. Netflix

    With Netflix making movies & TV shows available online, AND with the ability to stream content right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more, it’s no wonder that they’re number eight on the most blocked list. In short, there’s time to work and there’s time to…well, Netflix and chill – and if you find it hard to control the urge to watch the next episode of your favorite show while you should be working, studying or getting important tasks done, add it to your block list.

  1. Discord

    Discord has become one of the more popular communication platforms and ranks ninth on the most blocked sites on BlockSite. While it fosters connectivity, its fast-paced digital environment can lead to distractions during times when you should be studying or working. By adding Discord to your block list, you can stay focused and avoid interruptions.

  2. LinkedIn

    It may seem like an oxymoron – but the professional networking giant LinkedIn has found its way onto the list of most blocked websites. Even though the platform is designed to help career growth and encourages networking/connections, the engaging content can become distracting, taking people away from the work or studies they should be focused on. By making the most of BlockSite, you can utilize LinkedIn when the timing is right without compromising your work.

  3. Xvideos

    Xvideos is another free adult content site that takes up too much valuable time. Learn how to control your adult content viewing by also adding such sites to your block list to make sure that when desire kicks in, you need no self control – just BlockSite to help you. Find outhow you can quit watching adult content.

  4. Twitch

    Twitch is a popular live streaming platform for gamers and content creators alike, so it makes sense that as an entertainment platform it creates room for distraction. When you use BlockSite and add Twitch to your block list, you can find the right balance between entertainment and responsibilities.


    Any chess enthusiasts in the crowd? Apparently quite a few! has made it on our list at #13 of the most blocked sites. While it’s a great website to learn how to play and compete in chess matches, its addictive nature can become distracting when you should be completing more important tasks.

  6. Pinterest

    Pinterest, the popular design, inspiration and discovery platform has found its place on our most blocked sites list at number 14. Just the visual appeal of Pinterest can create distractions from important work or studies.

  7. Roblox

    In fifteenth place on our most blocked websites is Roblox. Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. So, if you find yourself playing or creating games when you should be studying, learnhow you can temporarily block websites with BlockSite.

Control your time

Overall, the majority of blocked sites on BlockSite are social media platforms, adult content sites, gambling platforms, and news outlets. Why? Well, in comparison to other websites and platforms, these networks always have something new, they change quickly and they have an endless scrolling function. With updates from businesses, friends and family alike all you need to do is refresh a page and you have completely new content instantly, which is part of what makes them so addicting.

To make it easy to block websites on BlockSite, we have a range of features that you can use to remove distracting websites. In just a few simple clicks, you’ll become a lot more focused and productive.

And if you want even more focus and productivity in your life, you need the right focus tools and productivity tools. With BlockSite Unlimited you can block by category – saving you time and giving you the ability to block in bulk and cut out entire categories like social media, entertainment, adult content and more. We have a wide range of other cool and helpful features built to keep you in the zone and achieve what you’re capable of. And if you don’t feel like committing just yet, we offer a free trial across all of our premium features. Click here to download BlockSite extension and get started today.


What is the most blocked website?
YouTube is the most blocked website.

How can I block a website?

You can easily create your own blocked websites list with BlockSite, the ultimate tool for staying focused and productive. Simply download our app or Chrome Extension and add websites to your block list.

How many hours a day do we spend on our devices?

We’re spending more time on our phones lately-averaging around 3+ hours a day on our phones and 151 minutes a day just on social media.

The Most Blocked Websites of 2023 | BlockSite (2024)
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