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>> it was a wild scene at the pga travellers championship as police detained a climate change protesters that rushed the green on the final hole pair take a look. >> sadly it's become basically what we expect from the climate alarmist religious cult. what do you say? that's all the time we have left thank you for being with aspects that your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. let not your heart be troubled greg gutfeld is next. have a great night. [ cheering and applause ]

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>> you have excellent taste. happy monday everyone. so washington officially hit 10e in almost eight years. it was so hot, president biden is decomposing at twice the normal rates. it was so hot he felt his pants with all 31 slavers. it was so hot instead of botox, nancy pelosi injected her face with soft serve. and it was so hot barack obama moved back to kenya. what? i don't know i didn't get it. anyway the presidential debate

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is just days away and a lot of people were wondering what kind of drugs joe biden will be on for the debates. if he only knew someone who might be knowledgeable in this area. we've also learned that joe biden has a massive debate prep team that includes 16 people. why so many, only four people are there to help with the debate. the other 12 are there in case joe needs an organ donor. political commentators suggest biden smile more the debate to avoid resting old face which would be an improvement from his rest in peace face. but there is a downside to joe smiling. he often looks more like the guy biden is trying to avoid. and if he holds the smile for more than eight seconds we will all assume he [ bleep ] his parents. new york city held a fat beach

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day to create the accepting environment for the plus sized community. and no one was happier for the event than these hungry fellas. to the monologue. that audience just faded after the fourth joke. what's wrong with you people? of fact checking website called snopes which usually leans further left than a one legged rollerblade or just branded as false the explosive idea that trump once called neo-nazis very fine people. wow. what's next? -- and expose about an up-and-coming singer called elvis presley. while the left has been spreading this crap like jam across the chain, we've been calling it out from the start. it's only taken the left seven years to finally... was actually a hoax. which coincidentally is the same amount of time it takes joe

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biden to find his way out of a walk-in closet. this might actually beat fast breaking news. they are still catching up on this new dance craze called -- called the macarena. what's most disturbing if you recall the dark days of 2020, joe biden cited the very fine people from trump as his reason for running for president. that and hoping to learn if the oval office cushions really were stain resistant. but he said that despite all the audio and video evidence showing that it didn't happen. if you were to say that joe biden's entire presidency is predicated on a lie that he and the media so the public, he would be speaking more truth than biden was when he launched that presidency. you would do so without meeting and adderall suppository. but as i always say just because you've cured one hoax, you brace for another one.

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we are about to see this latest one sprout like a blackhead... january 6th is about to be sold to us as the most significant date since 911, december 7th and july 4th rolled into one. if they made any more of a holiday there would be a mattress sale. expect jake and dana to push january 6th like a hotdog cart up sixth avenue because if joe's disastrous policy is all they got. if you're voting against trump due to this insurrection narrative, ask yourself this. that i fall for the very people there and all the other hoaxes we detailed on this show like crossfire hurricane, the fake laptop. to be honest with yourself. did i hear trump... you didn't. like the fine people hoax it was edited. trump did not try to topple the

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government or encourage it. he said to protest peacefully. but joe will go on about it. he doesn't have many january 6th left. it was one day unlike all the protests we've had... while the likes of alvin bragg drop the charges like a hot potato. whom i kidding, he's never drop is up at ash mike dropped a potato in his life. how should trump handle another hoax? should he snarked that he's too old to tell what's true anymore. should trump pivot to hunter? i can't believe i'm going to say this but perhaps you should quote former new york governor andrew cuomo. >> the attorney general's case should have never been brought. if his name was not donald trump and if he wasn't running for

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president, i'm telling you that case would have never gone on. and that's what is offensive to people. >> believe me, this guy is an expert on what's offensive to people. but trump could add that the charges against him weren't real but created in an unprecedented fashion to keep trump from being here at this debate. this was election interference in plain sight, using the justice system to subvert democracy. shortly biden's mental fitness would be brought up thursday night but you just know so well trump and you know what the media does to a perfect brilliant beautiful statement that trump makes. >> they take a perfect brilliant beautiful statement that i make. i go for two hours without teleprompters and if i say one word slightly out, they say he's cognitively impaired. whereas biden can run into walls

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, he can fall off the stage , he can fall up the stairs, he falls up. >> it's funny because it's true. but president trump if you are watching and i know you are, may be killed joe with little kindness. you could say with all due respect for your sake and for the sake of the nation you should just go. there are some things you can't do anymore like walking and talking and managing the leadership of the free world and also taking a leak in under eight minutes. but maybe don't say that mr trump. perhaps just keep it short and sweet and say joe, you had a good run. fifty years on the government time. maybe it's time mr president to give this country a break. we all could use one. let's welcome tonight's guests. this law professors favourite drink is a pinochle lot...

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jonathan turley. his kids were disappointed when they found out they weren't adopted. actor, writer and comedian... her brain wants free markets but her heart wants free soup. and even his shadow can lift more weight than you. tyrus. [ applause ] >> so jonathan congratulations on the new book. it's been out for a couple days. i'm sure it's amazing. i bet it's smart, clear and honest. >> chapter 6 is all the jokes

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that greg stole from me. just taking out the word federalist and putting in hooker doesn't for anybody. >> can't take the hooker out of federalism. that's what they always say. this is a broad monologue but what do you think about the debate hosts in a sense that they have all of this emotional ideological baggage but they do not like trump. how are they going to rise above that? >> it's hard win you compare one of the participants to hitler. a lot of runway to gain before you get to the point where he's keeping an open mind on that. it will be very interesting because all the expectation is there is going to be no one there, it's going to give him a good shake. i'm hoping that they are going to defy those expectations. there is a lot of stuff and they have to ask biden about it.

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like why he lied about not knowing about his son's business dealings. and of course your uncle was eaten by cannibals? i have to tell you are much more interested now. >> i think you are right. there's a lot of questions that they have to ask biden. i doubt they are going to bring up the fine people hoax but they should. jamie, we talk a lot about biden's cognitive impairment a lot. do you think that's the big story here? you notice i left out an insult about your cognitive impairment. >> we were all waiting for it. i think they made a huge mistake when they are trying to go after trump's -- a problem with trump's cognition. something...

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sometimes when i'm watching biden, i was watching my laptop and i thought my internet was slow. it was biden being frozen. that's just what he's like. they say he always has a fresh take. he fell off the stairs, he is trying parkour. you know how they say that phrase like he's got 1 foot in the grave, biden has two. >> you are subliminally getting violent towards him. let that come out. >> he's too old. you has to step down and needs one person on each arm to help him so he doesn't fall. >> so this guy said that biden should smile more. do you think it's wise for him to smile given the state of the country like good old time joe.

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>> i think smiling more implies that the person knows went to smile. if you give him the advice and that's in his head like smile more than he might try to throw some... i think that's the least of his worries. i think the bar really is so low and it is -- these debate moderators as he pointed out when you've set the bar for yourself comparing this guy to hitler, you know where the point of view is. it's even more difficult again when you do feel like it so easy to look like you are being mean to biden. he is the leader of the free world so he -- you shouldn't be in that situation but it really is hard because that's so many times when reporters are interviewing him, he will say something so off-the-wall that they move on and people don't

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push him on it because it's not like a normal conversation. so i think there's going to be a lot of that regardless. >> special account -- special counsellors do the same thing, they move on. >> if that's the situation of the special -- special counsel, how we expect debate on cnn? >> what are your thoughts tyrus? >> since apparently he is watching, you heard it here first, which is true i feel like it's going to be a bigger scandal because two things will happen if they are both tested afterwards. we will know where the cocaine came from. that the only thing that gets you up like that. look at anybody. is a great movie with dan zell, he was drunk out of his mind. his drug dealer showed up in time and said give him some cocaine it's a cure-all.

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this thing we're going to see is not a debate. he's going over the questions right now. the only thing is their only objective because they have created this martyr done to where journalism, integrity doesn't mean anything because they have to stop hitler. he's going to destroy our democracy so we are going to do our part by going at him. every question guaranteed will be as a convicted felon, as a convicted felon, as a misogynistic, you were convicted of sexual harassment or assault, all these things and you have all these court cases. they are going to keep going and going until they get him because they are anticipating him to fight back. biden will be these little lob questions about how are you feeling when you were able to make sure that poor students loans were paid. was that difficult for you. i guarantee i'm only watching for one reason, to see how many

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[ ♪♪ ] [ applause ] >> even though rachel and joslyn are dead we demand use the woke terms instead because for the monsters at msnbc, the word illegal is the real atrocity. our video comes to us from msnbc. we are doing a discussion about

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the killings of american women at the hands of illegals. the host had to call out the most offensive part. use of the word illegal. roll it. >> undocumented immigrants according to a survey. university of california riverside said. [ simultaneous talking ] >> what do you tell the parents of those people who were killed. [ simultaneous talking ] >> what is the difference between an illegal immigrant who engages in that activity. >> we don't use the term illegal. undocumented individuals. >> yet another perfect encapsulation of the lefts foolish aims. they are outraged over words has priority above and beyond the outrage over the heinous crimes. pretty soon undocumented individual will be considered racist as well. how about differently legal or persons of uncertain citizenship

7:22 pm

maybe human beings with documents that are in english. how soon before we use the linguistic camouflage for... would simone sanders prefer post living, persons of unknown pulse or people who identify as diseased. you think i'm kidding but sanders and other brain-dead leftists don't want you to see the complicity of their actions. they desperately use language as a cowardly costume to escape the very real evidence of their misdeeds and they expect tools like michael steele to do the same. those victims are dead just like the insides of simone sanders. [ applause ] >> jamie do you like to employee euphemisms and rhetoric to camouflage the real and obvious personal failings in your life? [ laughter ]

7:23 pm

>> i wish i knew what some of those words meant. i wanted to rewatch this clip and i have a smart tv so i couldn't get msnbc. [ applause ] >> not to get all semantic but i was an english major. i remember when i was choosing majors i was like this whole thing is an english. i do this. in this situation, undocumented is not incorrect but illegal is more correct. a provides more detailed. you could say about me, you could say he's broke. you learn a little something or he's divorced. now you know i'm divorced and some [ bleep ] took it. by the way, alien is kind of offensive to and they let that go. i'm tired of people playing semantics. i remember my wife going i

7:24 pm

didn't have an affair i had some undocumented penises over. psalm? >> i visited him one time. >> can i say all the jokes i make are just jokes based in facts. >> tyrus what is happening with michael steele? >> he actually stood his ground because he's better than me because i would not have used that term so i don't know what she would've said to me when i said invading terrorists because that's what they are. i'm sorry you don't like that word but i -- known in this country like someone getting murdered either because you letting criminals and. there emptying their jails and their psych asylums to america and we don't have asylums for

7:25 pm

anybody. the floodgates are wide open. it should never be about voting. two women were raped and murdered among hundreds if not thousands in this country. these are the ones that get reported and are getting found right now. i would love to see the stats on the unsolved murders and how many people have called files and whatnot. i'm sure there were a lot higher than it used to be. it comes back to the same thing, as a person you should be offended period if this is happening. they love to do with guns. somebody shoots somebody and it's not the person it's the gun. we have to get rid of the gun. if we stop jumping their brains for the moment, shouldn't it be its the border. we have to close the border because people are getting killed as a result of people coming through the border. if you want to take away everyone's guns and take away the border.

7:26 pm

>> i love the fact that they referred to murder as an activity. there's a captain who leads you on murders. >> this is what i don't understand. is still playing along because he's got a paycheck? >> he used to be mr integrity. >> the u.s. supreme court referred to illegal aliens and the last major immigration case that's the term they use. >> has this always been the case when language has been mutated for political or ideological reasons? >> what's interesting is in a book that i recently read. all those people trying to limit free speech today are using terms that were used in the beginning of the republic to fight free-speech by the british crown and john adams. they refer to fake news and

7:27 pm

forms of disinformation. there's nothing new about it. that's just that what's smacked that's what people do when they want to silence other people. the idea of objecting to the words that you use, we've been facing that in academia for 30 years. i started to notice that words were being eliminated at such a rate that i was afraid i would have to get my classes in mind. the american people don't like it but there is also clearly a purpose to this. if you can control how people talk, you can control what they say. >> what say you cannot, last word to you. >> that conversation, i don't think the conversations that congress it is having are any more substantive.

7:28 pm

when it comes to immigration specifically. i think people will focus on the language or they will focus on this or that emotional appeal. then they are more focused on just slamming down the other person for what they said or the way they said something than actually solving what is clearly a very broken system and has been for quite some time. [ applause ] >> up next, the leftist fringe gets totally unhinged. ools fromt something about the job feels different - your wallet. whatever you do, do it for less, at harbor freight. ♪ liberty mutual customized my car insurance and i saved hundreds. with all the money i saved i thought i'd buy stilts. hi honey. ahhh...ooh. look, no line at the hot dog stand. yes! only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty.♪

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[ ♪♪ ] [ applause ] >> like a buffoon on a stage, aoc vents her rage. jamaal bowman declares war before voters show him the door. our second video comes from reps

7:33 pm

... which included lots of yelling and flailing as they spoke out against american support of israel. first bowman who is in danger of losing his house eat and his mind. >> we are going to roll up our sleeves and organoleptic guns out. we are going to show [ bleep ] the power of the mother [ bleep ] south bronx. bowman bowman. [ cheering ] >> dude if you have to lead a chance with your own name, you're already lost. rolling up your sleeves doesn't make you any less fatter. i don't know where you got that advice from but you're still fat. he also waived a stool in the air showing he's prepared to take furniture with him when he gets kicked out of office. he also said this.

7:34 pm

>> of people me why i have a foul mouth. one of my supposed to do? you are coming after me. you're coming after my family. you are coming after my children i'm not supposed to fight back? >> if this guy wasn't just an idiot he would realize he just gave the argument for the israel response to october 7th. he's too self-centred and egotistical to note that the same defence he has over his pitiful part -- pitiful seat he... so let's go to aoc who has definitely grown in office if you are measuring that [ bleep ] craziness. how not has she become? here's a fun little comparison between her now and just a few years ago. watch. [ ♪♪ ]

7:35 pm

>> are you ready to win this country back and are you ready to fight... >> use the term the... what you mean by that? >> i think what i meant is the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where palestinians are experiencing difficulty and access to their housing and homes. >> i am ready to fight, let's hear it. >> i'm not the expert on geopolitics on this issue. >> we know that the absolute leveling of gaza is being paid for with the funds that are being kept for our healthcare. >> i look at things through a human rights lens and i may not

7:36 pm

use the right words. >> we noticed. she thinks occupation is something you list at a job fair. i don't think she sounded this confused since her bartender days when she thought on my tie had a not in it. trump had this massive rally like a couple of weeks ago in the bronx. i think maybe they had a couple hundred here and half of them were reporters. what does that say? >> he is in danger of actually losing his seat and that's... [ applause ] >> i think it is interesting that the rally was also outside but for him i feel like it had to be outside because if he did it inside he would be running the risk that not a single person there would be funny enough to pull the fire alarm. >> that's true. >> every time i see aoc i always giggle to myself and think there is one place i'm not moving. that's about -- she's never

7:37 pm

passed any laws and done nothing but complain and cry and do these type of rallies in front of 70 people. they didn't need the microphones everyone can hear you pretty good. you were yelling as well. i know he's trying to be passionate but there's a reason why you don't yell in the microphone, it annoys people. you are screaming and yelling about they are coming after your family and you are doing all these things, so where's your family, shouldn't they be with you holding your hands? they say [ bleep ] his family is not in danger. this is what they do, he needs to go to jail for the stuff he pulled with pulling the fire alarm. he's horrible at his job and his community has figured it out and voted his ass out so aoc should be more worried about that. if you are going to talk with music, make sure it's instrumental.

7:38 pm

i couldn't tell the difference between her and carty be, not that there's a stretch there. one of them has a writer. [ applause ] >> jonathan, jamaal bowman is i think the only male in the squad, i'm not sure. >> i'm practising my old man resting face for a second. it's one of those moments where ... what he lack? a stool. swingy ice tula people. you look at these two and you ask how did we get here. congress was always filled with people that you didn't necessarily like but they weren't this. they weren't swinging a stool around and screaming profanities. they were relatively family-friendly events you could actually take i could to congress. my favourite moment was when he was outside the house of

7:39 pm

representatives and all his colleagues are coming out and he was screaming at the top of his lungs about gun rights. one of them came up and said you really shouldn't be screaming like that and he said i was screaming before you interrupted me. i thought man that could be his epitaph. that's what congress has become. it's become this primal scream session. >> i have a feeling that the debate on thursday, president biden will also be swinging his stool. [ applause ] a little pooh-pooh mute -- little poop humour. a little bit of corn. >> don't laugh at that. >> i'm not going to dump on it. >> what are your thoughts?

7:40 pm

>> i haven't seen that much flailing and yelling since my wedding night. it's not what you think, i was alone waiting for her to come up tyrus is right. all the video should have been captioned people that don't know how microphones work. because they are supposed to amplify your voice and you are screaming. they always say perform like no one is watching which she did. no one was watching. i also don't think you're supposed to roll up your sleeves if you are wearing short sleeves i think that's the solution to not having to roll them up because they are short sleeves. he realized it when he got to his neck. i heard that her men walked by and said you dress like [ bleep ] [ applause ]

7:41 pm

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>> a story in five words. >> the reparations gripped pays off. going to you for no particular reason. gavin newsom announced $12 million to help implement reparations related bills. meaning it's not 12 million in reparations payments, it's just cash to discuss reparations. basically is this a payoff to activists so they will be happy when the reparations never come? >> i would love to talk you'd -- talk to you about this. the check hasn't cleared yet so i'll wait. reparations, it's pathetic. it goes back to the polite

7:46 pm

racism, you can't do anything without us, you need us. they think the answer was money. it was never about money. it's about landon opportunity and that's why it was 40 acres and a meal so you could build your own business with the land and you could have generational wealth to pass down to your children. a lot of that happened. so this has nothing to do with it. people that are black now could have been white then. people who are white now could have been black then and if you have curlyhaired check your tree try to find out who gets what and what gets who we would be here all day. if they want to give me reparations before i said it would never take it, i will take it. i will take every dime of it and i will put young white women dancers through college. [ applause ] >> he is a giver. it is like an everyone wins kind of thing. you have the people pushing the

7:47 pm

reparations. they get bought off and they get these clowns to go away for a few years but we pay for it. >> you kick the can down the road. they are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that california doesn't have. we're turning off the lights in some cities. nobody wants to tackle that. you kick the can down the road. >> jamie, to put in language you would understand, imagine paying alimony to a woman not only you are divorced with, he never married or met. >> i agree with everything tyrus says. i feel like that's the safest thing. i read deep into this. they were saying they were trying to make it so people in prison wouldn't have to work if they didn't want to. that was a part which i had a lot of trouble understanding that. i was just like work sucks. can you imagine going into work and like i'm done. [ bleep ] prison. i was thinking how bad.

7:48 pm

there's no tgif. unless it's like thank god it was just a finger. whenever i see these stories i go i'm not going to california. i'm never going to california. i was at the bookstore and i saw this book. it was called the benefits of fish oil. i thought i'm going to take it. you got me. i don't need to read that. don't need to go to california. you can have it. >> i don't know what that means but you must hate this as a small government girl. >> also none of this money goes to paying black people. i was reading this it's other money will help support proposals including having the state apologize. how does the apology cost money? they are going to have a yacht rock band do it? it's amazing what the government can spend money on and nobody

7:49 pm

was like how much money does the apology cost. >> i imagine there are a lot of things that we are paying for. there are committees, we pay for their doughnuts and their drinks and their little trips to the hotels. it's all coming from us. we need to shrink this government, we need to cut it to pieces. [ applause ] >> i did not mean to get serious. how will olympians stay cool despite a stupid rule?

7:50 pm

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then i started taking lipo flavonoid. with 60 years of clinical experience, it's the number one doctor recommended brand for ear ringing. and now i'm finally free. take back control with lipo flavonoid. >> five more words. >> u.s. air-conditioners, the olympic team opening their own air-conditioning units despite olympic organizers efforts to lower carbon emissions by not including ac and the athletes rooms. it's now byob ac. do you have air-conditioning in alaska or do you live alone in a studio igloo with a shared toilet? >> some people have it. i think this is an advantage to the french athlete because only

7:54 pm

one in ten houses have air-conditioners so they are probably used a training like this. when athletes go to denver they have the altitude, they have trouble competing because those athletes live at that altitude. nego you should bring oxygen. i go listen, i know i'm not the most famous comedian in the world but i feel like that something they should provide. >> jonathan it's well known in france they have a problem with body older. there are thousands of books written on this. this can only make the body older worse not having air-conditioning. what say you? >> i actually am going to support you on this the amazing thing about bringing your own air conditioning as they also found out that they can't... they were going to have people swim and they found out that it's filled with e. coli which surprised no one outside of paris.

7:55 pm

i think they've got other problems besides ac. >> that is insane. [ laughter ] >> this is why benjamin franklin did better stand up and he had gout. >> there's a fun one tyrus. ten years what are they going to ban, your hook going to have to bring your own refrigerator? >> i'm trying to figure out the average american athletes suitcase going to look like. it's going to have an ac and it. morning-after pills and condoms. and they are not going to let him take the ac on the plane. i wrestled in france a bunch of times and i get it. the only time i ever cried in public was in france. it was like a wall. it wasn't even a smell, it was punches to your face of gym class you can feel it scrape on

7:56 pm

your lungs. it got inside your heart and... somebody... so we can get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> could not be the strategy that they are trying to stink us to losing? >> i think the strategy is about money. if like when hotels are like you want to save the planet by reusing your towel. >> we will be right back

7:57 pm

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