GREG GUTFELD: Biden is failing because he simply hasn’t produced for anyone (2024)

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So if you’re a grief counselor, you might want to head over to the Democratic National headquarters and pack a toothbrush, because you’re going to be there a while. Because if you look closely, the left’s biggest cheerleaders are starting to recognize that they’ve hitched their wagon to the wrong horse and it’s a horse that can barely walk, never mind run. Though, he does need his stall shoveled out twice a day. No wonder the Dems are taking the new polling so hard, they’re in the denial stage. So how bad is the rationalizing?

Check out this clip of Obama’s former speechwriter on Morning Breath.

JON FAVREAU, “MORNING JOE”: If you look at polls of voters who say that they’re following the race closely, getting their news from TV, getting their news from newspapers, Joe Biden has a huge lead with those voters… Where he’s struggling is among younger voters, Black voters, Latino voters, White voters, people who just aren’t paying as close attention to politics, who aren’t tuned in. And one of the reasons they’re not tuned in is because they’re cynical about politics and they’re frustrated about politics.

So you get that. Joe has a huge lead, except with, you know, younger voters, Black voters, Latino voters, White voters, all voters. All that’s left are dead voters who the Dems always seem to get at the last minute, but the latest polls have Trump support among Blacks at almost double last time, with similar numbers for Hispanics. It’s true Trump is more popular with Blacks and Hispanics than big butts.

ANNOUNCER: A bigot would say!

Meanwhile, both groups are fleeing Biden like he just asked them to stop talking at the movies.

ANNOUNCER: Another big hit would say!

So all Biden could do now is be seen with his only Black friend. But those whiny Democrats you just heard from, they’re right, voters are cynical. But do they know why? Cynicism is defined as a response to unkept promises in a relationship. Biden is failing because he simply hasn’t produced for anyone. To the average voter, Joe is worse than ineffective, he’s irrelevant, not part of our lives.

Can any honest person look at the state of the country and say that someone is actually steering this ship? We’d have more confidence in Captain Crunch, which is why you got the cynicism. If hopelessness were fuel, America would need to drill. Say what you want about Trump, but with that guy around, there was no questioning who was in charge.

Just ask the 600 or so cabinet members he fired, and he goes through advisors the way J.Lo goes through husbands. But more important, Trump did what he promised. You might not have liked him, but he produced. And our standard of living was simply better than the now. We had a border. And energy was cheaper than hiring Brit Hume to jump out of a cake. We didn’t have wars flaring like global hemorrhoids. It’s the fundamental difference between Trump and Biden voters. Trump supporters are optimistic about their vote, but even the Dems are calling their own voters pessimists.

Trumpers don’t hope and pray he’ll make things better, they kind of expect it. Trump wants America to be great. Biden offers free student loans while he taxes your tips. It’s a simple concept, reciprocity. You know, getting something back for what you put in. It’s like when a waitress says I’m hilarious on ‘The Five’. As a reward, I might go home with her. But American voters are simply not feeling reciprocity. The country now is like a job, we are constantly promised raises and a better office. If time after time, none of that happens, of course you’re going to get cynical. Especially when every time you’re denied a raise, you keep getting told by the boss, ‘we see our company like a family.’

That’s the Biden White House. Oh, it is a family, but only his family gets paid. Which is why Biden is the least reciprocal president in history. It’s not that the country feels like we’re stuck with a partner in D.C. that doesn’t care. It’s like we have one that doesn’t know we’re even here. That’s the entire Biden voting bloc. But you can’t find a cynic among Trumpers because Trump tries to reciprocate. It’s in his blood as a salesman. All that’s in Joe’s blood is formaldehyde.

The Biden White House feels like a one-way street that leads to a giant bridge that was destroyed by a container ship. Instead of paying you back, we have inflation, high energy costs, deteriorating cities, and an invasion from the south that is producing a steady stream of foreign invaders and their American victims. I’d say vote like your life depends on it. Maybe because it does much.

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GREG GUTFELD: Biden is failing because he simply hasn’t produced for anyone (2024)
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