24 Best Conservative Websites (2024)

Tired with the mainstream media?

As the media seemingly pivots more and more to the left, parroting the left-wing agenda, it can seem hard to get unbiased and real news.

Fortunately, there are plenty of conservative websites where you can get a more right-wing point of view. Whether you’re a conservative or simply want to get both sides of the story, this article is for you.

Today, we will be listing the 24 best websites for conservative news, commentary, and opinions.

The short version: The best conservative sites include Newsmax, Fox News, The Blaze, The Daily Wire, and National Review. I also recommend checking out sites like Sean Hannity, The Savage Nation, and The Daily Caller.

Let’s get into the full list.

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Best Conservative Websites

1. Newsmax

24 Best Conservative Websites (1)

Founded in 1998, Newsmax is one of the oldest and most respected conservative sites. It is also one of the few that have a cable TV channel, reaching millions of people every day.

Newsmax has been supportive of Donald Trump during his election and presidency. It is one of the most influential sites in conservative media, driving trends and pushing various alternative theories regarding government policies, coverups, and agendas.

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2. Fox News

24 Best Conservative Websites (2)

Another major force in conservative news media is Fox News, one of the few right-leaning major cable news channels. Founded by Rupert Murdoch in 1996, the site has consistently supported Republican politicians while attacking left-wing politicians and political pundits.

It features hosts of the likes of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Bret Baier, all well-known conservative thinkers.

It also hosts an on-demand streaming service called Fox Nation, a business-oriented channel called the Fox Business Channel, a radio streaming service called Fox Radio, and more!

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3. The Blaze

24 Best Conservative Websites (3)

The Blaze, now rebranded as Blaze Media, was founded by conservative commentator Glenn Beck. Beck formerly worked for Fox News.

Blaze Media features popular conservative commentators such as Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. It also regularly invites guests like Ben Shapiro.

The site features political columns from writers such as Steve Baker and Helen Roy, and it covers news stories with a right-leaning slant.

Blaze Media also features a TV channel subscription called BlazeTV, which is accessible without a cable subscription.

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4. The Daily Wire

24 Best Conservative Websites (4)

The Daily Wire was founded by Ben Shapiro, known for his analytical style of approaching political issues and his “facts don’t care about your feelings” motto. It hosts The Ben Shapiro Show, a popular podcast by Ben Shapiro himself.

It also features podcasts from other commentators like Candace Owens. In addition, there are plenty of news articles to read and videos to watch.

5. National Review

24 Best Conservative Websites (5)

National Review is a conservative magazine, and its online version features news stories, political commentary, and more.

It was founded in 1955 by William Buckley Jr. It was indispensable in shaping the American right and giving right-wing politicians and pundits a voice.

The right wing in the US would not be what it is today without the National Review, which provides a central platform for conservative viewpoints, something that didn’t exist prior.

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6. The Savage Nation

24 Best Conservative Websites (6)

The Savage Nation is Michael Savage’s radio show. His real name is not actually Savage; it’s just a pen name that accurately reflects his style of political commentary, which is brash, harsh, to the point, and all out savage.

His motto is protecting the nation’s “borders, language, and culture.” He’s written many books, and if you don’t have time to listen to his radio show, his website features his latest opinions and radio show snapshots.

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7. Drudge Report

24 Best Conservative Websites (7)

Drudge Report was founded by Matt Drudge in 1995. It grew from an email newsletter subscription into a webpage, and it has retained the same simple style of aggregated web links and just a handful of images.

While the site has broken several major stories, like the Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal, it mostly aggregates news from other sites.

It lost a major part of its visitor base after it turned against Trump. Allegedly, it was bought out, and Matt Drudge no longer has a part in it.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning as one of the most influential conservative sites. For the longest time, it literally shaped conservative media; if Matt Drudge published a story at the top of the page, all conservative news sites followed suit and covered that story.

8. The Washington Times

24 Best Conservative Websites (8)

The Washington Times, founded in 1982, is one of the largest conservative daily newspapers and online sites. It’s not extremely right wing, but still maintains a conservative slant in most of its news stories.

Historically, the Washington Times has supported Republican presidents and presidential candidates, including Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, and Donald Trump.

It covers news across the entire spectrum, including sports.

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9. Washington Examiner

24 Best Conservative Websites (9)

The Washington Examiner is a conservative publication with an online magazine and a weekly physical newspaper. It focuses on political commentary, featuring writers such as Tim Cavanaugh and Byron York.

It has traditionally sided with conservatives on issues such as immigration and climate change. However, it hasn’t always supported Donald Trump, with the editorial staff publishing an anti-Trump piece titled, “Trump proven unfit for power again.”

10. Zero Hedge

24 Best Conservative Websites (10)

Zero Hedge is a site that publishes financial and political news with a far-right slant. At one point, Facebook banned people from sharing Zero Hedge posts.

It was also banned by Google from running ads on Google’s ad network, although the ban was later lifted.

Despite being largely a financial-focused site, Zero Hedge has consistently supported Trump and far-right causes and theories.

11. Breitbart

24 Best Conservative Websites (11)

A list of conservative websites would never be complete without mentioning Breitbart, founded by right-wing media giant Andrew Breitbart. While Breitbart is now dead, his legacy lives on.

Breitbart is more aligned with the alt-right than the mainstream right wing. It was made famous for Milo Yiannopoulos, an alt-right commentator who used to be an integral part of the site.

Milo eventually stepped down as an editor due to various controversies.

The site strongly supported Donald Trump. Steven Bannon, the former executive chairman of the site, stepped down to become the CEO of the Trump Campaign.

12. Townhall

24 Best Conservative Websites (12)

Townhall is known for its conservative pieces, news stories, and cartoons. It also hosts podcasts such as Townhall Review, Triggered, and Triggered Uncensored.

It was first founded in 1995 and is now owned by Salem Communications.

The site has a wide range of writers from across the conservative spectrum and features guest writers such as Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

13. Infowars

24 Best Conservative Websites (13)

Infowars’ motto is, “There’s a war on for your mind!”

It was founded by Alex Jones, a well-known personality in the alt-right sphere. He is known for his brash tirades against the left on his talk show, which often turns into long-winded rants that often give rise to memes.

Infowars covers a lot of things other sites just won’t, such as alternative theories to the Sandy Hook shootings and other alleged false flag operations by the US government.

However, Alex Jones was ultimately ordered by a court to pay almost $1 billion to the families of the Sandy Hook victims due to his claims that the operation was a setup.

14. The Washington Free Beacon

24 Best Conservative Websites (14)

The Washington Free Beacon, sometimes referred to simply as The Free Beacon, publishes breaking stories that conservatives would be interested in.

For example, it drew light to the story of Hillary Clinton’s defense of an accused child rapist back in 1975. For context, Hillary Clinton was a lawyer at the time.

It frequently publishes exposés of politicians and their wrongdoings, with a focus on liberal politicians, trying to expose their hypocrisy.

15. The Bongino Report

24 Best Conservative Websites (15)

Earlier in this article, I discussed the Drudge Report, and I mentioned that it has fallen out of favor among many conservative and far-right individuals due to its stance on Trump.

The Bongino Report, founded by Dan Bongino, was aimed to be an alternative to Drudge. Dan is a radio talk show host and a former New York City police officer and Secret Service agent.

He is the host of The Dan Bongino Show and also hosted Unfiltered With Dan Bongino, which aired on Fox News for a while.

Like Drudge, the Bongino Report is mostly an aggregation of different news sources, usually posted on conservative-leaning sites. However, it has a much better user interface than Drudge, which still retains its outdated look (like you time-machined back into the 1990s).

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16. The Daily Signal

24 Best Conservative Websites (16)

The Daily Signal is a conservative publication run by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank which also used to run Townhall, a publication I listed previously.

It focuses heavily on conservative commentary and opinion pieces from contributing authors, but it also publishes all the news stories you will need as a conservative looking to stay up to date on the current news cycle.

Many articles also feature podcast episodes embedded at the end.

17. The Federalist

24 Best Conservative Websites (17)

The Federalist is a publication that focuses on politics, religion, and culture from a conservative perspective. It is among the top publications that pushed allegations of voter fraud during the 2020 election.

In addition, it has taken a strong stance against the notion of climate change, leading the Center for Countering Digital Hate to list it in its list of “toxic 10” publications.

One interesting headline that I saw on the front page (as of this writing) was, “Why Are People In Denial That Urban America Is A Dystopian Hellscape?

18. The Gateway Pundit

24 Best Conservative Websites (18)

The Gateway Pundit has been accused of publishing fake news, but it was granted White House press credentials by the Trump administration.

However, the reality is that on The Gateway Pundit, you can learn what’s really going on behind the scenes in American politics. You will learn about politicians and billionaires quietly causing chaos in our country.

You will learn about media cover-ups and stories that the mainstream press squashed because they didn’t fit their agendas. There is plenty to learn from The Gateway Pundit, as long as you maintain an open mind and take everything with a grain of salt.

19. Sean Hannity

24 Best Conservative Websites (19)

Sean Hannity is one of the most influential and well-known figures in conservative media.

The Sean Hannity Show is what he is most known for. It is a radio talk show that is syndicated across the nation.

He is also known for his Fox News presence, hosting a show called Hannity on Fox. Furthermore, he has published books such as Let Freedom Ring and Deliver Us From Evil.

His website features news articles, updates from Sean Hannity’s shows, videos, and other interesting stuff.

20. The New York Post

24 Best Conservative Websites (20)

The New York Post is a conservative newspaper first established in 1801. It was founded by Alexander Hamilton, one of the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Distributed in New York City, the New York Post covers not only local news but national and global news, all from a conservative point of view. Its online version gives you access to its stories from your mobile or desktop device.

21. One America News Network

24 Best Conservative Websites (21)

One America News Network is a cable TV show and news site. It features articles that support conservative viewpoints; the site is also very pro-Trump.

If you don’t have a cable subscription, it also offers an app where you can watch One America News Network live for an affordable monthly price.

In addition, the site itself features plenty of videos, in addition to the political commentary and news updates.

22. The Daily Caller

24 Best Conservative Websites (22)

The Daily Caller was co-founded by Tucker Carlson, a well-known political commentator who used to host a show on Fox News. It was launched in 2010 and meant to be a right-wing alternative to The Huffington Post.

The site features articles covering everything from political to entertainment news. You can also watch the latest episodes from The Daily Caller Live, and fans can purchase a premium subscription to access premium content.

23. Judicial Watch

24 Best Conservative Websites (23)

Judicial Watch is a conservative watchdog group that aims to investigate corruption and misconduct by left-wing politicians. Its mission is to uphold integrity and ethics in politics, and it regularly files Freedom of Information Act suits to uncover political scandals.

If you want to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes, visit its website to learn about its latest exposés and investigations. You might be shocked at what you find.

24. HotAir

24 Best Conservative Websites (24)

HotAir is a conservative news blog and tabloid that covers breaking stories. It also aggregates the most important headlines conservatives should read about from other news sites.

It is known for articles by Allahpundit, a former senior editor whose real name was later revealed to be Nick Catoggio.

In addition, it hosts the Ed Morrissey Show and various podcasts such as Culture Shock.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other conservative news sites and blogs, but these provide the most factual and accurate reporting.

Whether you want political gossip, in-depth commentary, shocking videos, news curation, or detailed analysis, you can find them on these pages.

Find the style of reporting and writing that you like the best, and bookmark that site for future reference.

If you want to get all the latest news updates delivered to your inbox, most sites offer some sort of free newsletter you can sign up for.

24 Best Conservative Websites (25)

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24 Best Conservative Websites (2024)
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